Christine and Christopher Mutchler live on Hood Canal with their three doggies, Cassie,  Tully and recent adoptee "Emily."  In 2007 Christopher got the idea to build a custom podium during his tenure as a Board Member on the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce.  Knowing what he wanted, he incorporated a 19-inch monitor beneath glass on the top of the podium, with power for a multi media projector and laptop computer.  The concept turned out so well, Christine and Christopher were encouraged to form Northwest Custom Podiums, Inc.

Our first request was for a custom "podium" for Amy's on the Bay in Port Orchard, which was really a request for a hostess station.  We had fun working with Amy and her remodeling in process and came up with the concept of a hostess station that incorporated custom etched glass and lighting with dimmer switches.

Surprisingly, we've received many requests for projects nationally due to this website!  We've received 3 RFPs from Clark County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.  However their requests far exceeded our capaity (30 multi-media station in 2 months?) so we respectfully declined.

Next we received a request for a unique hostess station for a new restaurant/bar in Hayward, California (See tab for Solid Oak Hostess Station).  The project evolved based on the client's vision of what they wanted; several photos of other hostess stations and our final design.  It was this project where we partnered with ABF Freight for shipping our products out of Tacoma, Washington.

In January 2011 we designed, constructed and donated a "wine bar" to the Washington Wine Industry Foundation annual Angel Share auction, which helps support scholarships, research, education and outreach programs.  www.washingtonwinefoundation.org

While not working on a client project, we hone our skills by creating other projects.  (Solid oak bookcase for Christopher's daytime office)

Our latest project was for Jessica Price of the Moss Creek Ranch in Big Spring, Texas.  She's was (re-)opening the Red Mesa Grill and wanted something classy for their entrance.  "The first thing you see when you walk into the restaurant is the hostess station."  Nothing could be more true.  This project turned out wonderfully and you can see how this all worked out on the "Red Mesa Grill" tab, which is currently our home page.


Each job is unique, which means we do not carry an inventory.  Whether you are across the County or across the Nation, Northwest Custom Podiums can work with you to make your hostess station ideas become reality!

Construction can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of the hostess station, materials used, lighting and glass options and staining/varnishing.  Shipping from Tacoma to Big Spring in West Texas took only six days and cost approximately $600 for a 200lb unit (crated) that was 42" H x 52" W x 34" D.

The best way to contact us is by phone at 360.830.5858 or 360.710.3611.

We provide our clients with detailed bids, listing substantially all materials and estimated labor costs and overhead to assure you are getting a reasonable quote.  We adhere to quality standards, almost to a fault.  We will not let any item leave our facility that we would not be proud to display in our own home.  Because we use quality materials and don't take any shortcuts on construction, your custom hostess station will last a lifetime.

Our team is "drug-free" and strives to use all materials EXCLUSIVELY GROWN, PRODUCED AND MADE IN AMERCIA!

Stockholders Christopher and Christine Mutchler, celebrating their 10 year anniversary in Leavenworth, Washington March 3, 2011