The Red Mesa Grill

Big Spring, Texas

(Updated April 11, 2012)

Visitors since February 27, 2012

(Picture taken sans flash to avoid glare from hostess station glass) 

Arrival on April 2, 2012.  Red Mesa will paint the light covers "metallic copper" prior to installing lens covers

What our customer had to say:

"My experience with Northwest Custom Podiums was beyond satisfactory, the communication and dedication during this project was truly exemplary."

"I received almost daily updates and photos of the hostess station's construction which was very exciting and informative."

"I searched high and low on the internet for a hostess station that was something special and not generic, and the only hostess station that caught my eye was one commissioned by Amy's on the Bay...I felt fortunate Chris and Christine could accommodate us from such a distance ."

Jessica Price April 7, 2012

Below are pictures of their custom hostess station construction in progress.

See what Jessica's writing about!

Pickup in Odessa, TX Monday morning, April 2nd

March 26th preparing for shipping

Custom crate

This is where it all ends.  ABF Freight, Tacoma dock March 27, 6:45AM

Electrical installation

El Menu Cover

How we spent our Friday night.  Glass installation March 23, 2012

All hand stained and varnished.  No cheap plywood or laminates

Frame for Red Mesa Glass after 1st coat of varnish

Cutouts for dimmer switch and POS system

March 19, 2012, 3:30AM

March 19, 2012, 3:30AM

Red Mesa will have a thermal printer and POS system on the HS.  We're just seeing how everything is going to work (It will!)  Glass on right will be on top of seating chart.

Cutting top edge, but ran out of time.

"Honey! Dinner!"

Cedar glass frame constructed

The advantage of working with NW Custom Podiums is no matter where you are in the Country, you can be involved in the desgin, construction, and decision-making every step of the way.

Red Mesa Grill decided to go with a darker stain to match their existing interior and out of 3 options, chose "Red Chestnut."  We're also making some modifications to accomodate a point of sale system not anticipated in the initial design. 

Come back often as we're wrapping it up this week!

President and CEO of NW Custom Podiums, Inc. Christine Mutchler

Tully, Emily and Cassie (L to R, F to B) really have nothing to do with the hostess station.  They just wanted their picture on the website.  All 3 are "rescue dogs." 

They managed to "escape" from their kennel, and this is what I came home to March 15th.  Unbelieveably with all the carnage, they did not touch the hostess station.

("Ms. Sawyer, the dogs ate my homework....")

Back view with base molding and solid oak trim installed. 

(Top board on upper left is just placed there temporarily)

Custom Cedar base molding installed. 

Glass etching by Randy Calm of Phoenix Designs, Belfair Washington

Graphics by Brad Nelson of Pacific Printing, Inc. Bremerton, Washington

Maybe someday we will incorporate an LCD screen in front of the Hostess Station?

(It's actually upside-down in this picture in anticipation of attaching the base)

Main board for glass mounting and more cedear attached to angles and front

Verticle boards attached inside hostess station (a little out of focus..)

Starting to attach cedar on sides 2/27/12

Angle boards added 2/26/2012

Looking good from the hostess's side!

The front will be covered with cedar and etched glass, like Amy's

Shelving prep (3 coats varnish, wet sand in-between coats)

Cedar for the font and sides prior to sanding/varnish

 This is how it all begins!!!

 (February 12, 2012)