Northwest Custom Podiums is pleased to have donated this custom wine bar (or portable event tasting station) for the Washington Wine Industry Foundation's annual Angel Share auction at the Washington Association of Wine Grape Grower's convention held February 10, 2011 in Kennewick, Washington.  (Scroll down for backside view)

For more information, contact us at 360-710-3611 or 360-830-5858.

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(Thanks to Sara Cornell of the WWIF for providing the pictures!)

February 10, 2011 Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick

Back at the warehouse for promo photos

Construction began January 8, 2011 and completed January 19th.  The most recent pictures are on top of this page. 

Countertop is made of solid oak which handles abuse well.  Siding is tongue and groove cedar. The purchaser can add a wine rack on the "host side" for remote tasting events.

NO LAMINETS OR VENEERS!!!  As a result, the wine bar can be re-sanded, stained, varnished or repaired, if needed. It's so durable, it will last a lifetime!

The contrast of the top oak boards turned out fantastic by not staining the edge board.  All done, except for a few more coats of varnish!! The 2x8 cedar base added tremendous stability.  

Back view after 1st coat of varnish.  We need to heat the shop to 72 degrees so it gets pretty toasty in there.  A wine rack can be added to the back by the purchaser (not included)

The Benite really brings out the contrast of the cedar.

End of day Sunday, January 9th.  (Woo Hoo!!)


Our Mascot (saved from the dumpster)

Day 1

Board 1 (Chris Mutchler, V.P. in charge of design and production.