Note the uniqueness of the construction process.  (You can't buy that kind of process out of a catalogue.) You can even monitor the progress of your project as it is being constructed

Back from Vacation July 30th and back to work!!

Going backwards in time this picture taken after 1st coat of varnish 8/3/2010

Sunday early evening (8/1/2010) after 1st coat of stain


Drawers constructed and installed Sunday morning 8/1/2010

Update July 24th.  WE'RE GOING ON VACATION!!!

Still need drawers, trim, stain and varnish.  Whad'ya think?

Update July 22, 2010.  Pics from day #4:

Temporary centerpiece (HS still upside down).

View from the back (upside down)

Sanding verticle oak boards on a nice summer evening

Upside down, completed left and right sides and cabinet framing for drawers

View from the other side.  The front will framed and attached Wednesday and Thursday.

Posting July 19:

Hostess station for Restaurant in California (Updated July 19, 2010)

Board #1

Sizing up the counterrtop.  Siding made of solid oak. 

Tiles fit snugly flush with countertop.  Can be replaced with different colored tiles.  Tile top can be easily removed and replaced (R&R) with concave marble countertop without damaging custom hostess station

Countertop works!  (Stemless 8oz carbonite NWCP glasses for sale. Great for boating!!)

Back view with flourescent lighting.

1 x 6 oak pieces for lower half of custom hostess station.

Check back for DAILY updates week of July 18, 2010